Solar Powered Car- The Car that can save the earth and give us energy

Why Solar Powered Cars are useful?

Gone are the days when buying a car was the status symbol, now the time has changed with making cars the necessity. The need of having car increases its demand of petrol or diesel and hence most of the demand for cars depends on prices of petrol or diesel. Solar powered cars are developed to prevent the impact of fuel price on cars manufacturing companies. Solar Powered Cars are powered by energy from the sun and are equipped with expensive and delicate photovoltaic solar panels. The best part of solar car is, it can be charged while parking in sunlight and need not be plugged in any electric system. We can see many of solar powered cars in Golf areas where one moves from a field to other via solar car in sunlight. It is built for solar car races or daily usage on roads. Pollution free & hassle free mode of transportation is something we always dream of especially when we are living in the city with traffic problems. Solar Cars consists of seats for two people and generally not suitable for the long journey. It has many features that are handmade and specially designed to facilitate solar charging and hence expensive to buy. Although, the savings one can have after buying Solar Car in the form of fuel charges and maintenance cost, which is a good deal.

Major users of Solar Cars


Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Bicycle and Automotive industries are the major users of Solar Cars. Its design is usually limited by the amount of energy into the car. The collection of power is limited to the surface of the car that limits solar cars to ultra light composite bodies to save weight. Due to light weight of the cars it is highly recommended that adequate safety measures are being used while using solar cars.

With many uses and cost aspects, Solar Powered car is suitable for places where sunlight is adequate. Although, Solar Powered Cars cannot compete with regular conventional cars, its cost saving feature and hassle free handling system can fulfill many of regular cars uses. It is noise free and light weight that helps in fast turns and easy driving for any age group. In addition, solar powered cars have electric motors; they do not produce emissions and do not burn any fuel. This feature is very useful for those drivers who wish to use personal transportation without any air pollution.

Save energy with Solar Powered Car

Solar powered cars provide a benefit of energy independence. The Solar panels on the roof can help in using it anytime we want. It helps the society, countries and even companies. There are many countries that have got an advantage from the Solar system in terms of saving the cost of fuel. In spite of its many advantages, many users of cars are still unaware of solar powered cars that become a roadblock in the development of energy powered cars. Countries have started investing in saving natural energy and protecting the environment from global warming, and solar powered cars are one of such steps.